The Little-Known Problem Solving Technique Used By Thought Designers

10 videos, total 45 minutes., 2 lessons covering 11 topics.

Hardly anybody is talking about it yet. But when you experience it, you’ll experience a rapid change in your thinking and behavior.

Overview: Why does this matter?

This is the story about my journey through mind and time. Over the course of time, I’ve learned what works and what fails. This introduction uses a mind matters approach to achieving desired outcomes. It will equip you with an understanding of the primary elements required to solve problems and change your reality.

Objective: How can I use this?

  • Learn about my 2 journeys.
  • Find out the importance of Multi Context Solutions.
  • Discover the 3 secrets to solving problems and changing your reality.
  • Understand the value of our Thought Designer Masterclass.
  • Experience the way our courses work.

Trainer: Who is Steve Boyley, JAFS.?

Steve Boyley is an expert on personal development. He is an internationally acclaimed executive trainer and coach for advanced communication skills, leadership, management, sales, persuasion and personal change.

Customers from more than 30 countries love Steve’s training.

See 94 reviews of Steve Boyley’s training.

Designed for: Will my family, friends and coworkers also like this?

  • This course is appropriate for everyone and can be used for personal and business situations.
  • This course has NO SWEARING and is suitable for all audiences.
  • This course will be of special interest to people with a desire to understand how people’s minds work and how to use that for practical achievement and self-mastery.

Training Methodology: What will I have to do?

  • It’s online! Learn and review when it’s a good time for you!
  • 10 videos, total 45 minutes., 2 lessons covering 11 topics.
  • Lesson videos play automatically, from lesson to lesson the first time.
    • Pause, rewind or replay any lesson videos you’ve watched.
  • Easy to stop and continue later (like Netflix).
    • Course resume button on your Dashboard.
    • Overall course progress and tasks you’ve completed.
    • You know exactly where you were and where to continue.
  • Review all videos as many times as you like.

Cost: How much is this course?

10 videos, total 45 minutes., 2 lessons covering 11 topics.

How much has not knowing how to use these skills, cost you? One decision, can alter your destiny.

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