We Are Thought Designers

Thought Designers update your thinking. A thought in time, saves nine.

This is how it started, over 40 years ago in high school, I wrote a poem.

“Look to the day when we shall see, mankind living in perfect harmony.
A world united where all belong, there are no weak only strong.
The hunger for power sufficiently fed, tears of sorrow are no longer shed.
The hearts of man together will bind, beating in unison to the rhythms of the mind.”

—- Steve Boyley 1978.

Next, at the School of Hard Knocks and Practical Experience, I spent 20 years learning and testing thought designs to find out what works and what doesn’t. Since then, I’ve spent another 20 years providing private sessions and teaching international seminars.

Each year, hundreds of people from all over the world have come to me for training on NLP, Advanced Communication Skills, Personal Change, Persuasion and Hypnotherapy. The training courses were 8 days long and held at a location in Canada, Europe, The Middle East or Asia. Most students had to fly in, spending about $6000 in all to get my training. 

They loved it, but I saw problems.

  • Many of the students were only there for personal change and didn’t really need to know about skills to influence others. Those that came to influence others, didn’t focus enough on the personal change they are supposed to influence.
  • I don’t have a replay button, so everyone had to remember what I said. And, if my training was recorded, it wasn’t in a way that let you refresh your memory or improve your understanding by replaying individual topics.
  • There was never a satisfactory identity for people with these skills. Communication Skills Specialist or even Expert was OK on a resume, but use them or Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, Neurolinguistic Programmer and NLPer, in a social interaction and people look at you sideways. There needed to be a better name for us, one that’s less about analysing and more about helping.
  • The biggest problem was that many people who wanted my training, waited a long time to afford the cost to get it.

I get it. I’ve had that feeling of wanting something and being unable to get what I needed to help me get it.

After years of searching for the right system, one was created! 

Improvements to learning management systems, made it possible for me to provide you with my training like never before.

  • It’s online so you don’t have to wait, to get training from me.
    • This eliminates the huge expense of needing to be in a specific place at a specific time for training.
  • The lesson presentation plays automatically from topic to topic the first time you watch it. You can pause and replay at any time, go back and take all the time you need with any lesson topic.
  • We can make the training even better than before, focus on personal change first because that is the foundation for influencing yourself and others.

I also created a new identity, one i think makes a lot more sense.

We are Thought Designers.

Thought Designers

A thought designer is free of past limitations and able to achieve what they once thought was impossible.

+ Thought designers never pay big business to feel good, they know how to enjoy their lives without buying their products.
+ Thought designers know how to use their thoughts to create change in their lives.
+ Thought designers never give up, they are unstoppable.
+ Thought designers never make excuses and are never shackled by limitations.
+ A thought designer creates value in their life and the lives of others.

If you ask the experts or read the text books, they’ll tell you that what thought designers are doing is impossible… yet it’s happening every single day.

Thought Designers

Define their own reality.
Create their own thoughts.
Build their own experience.
Change the future.

Thought designers are motivated knowing that they are just one thought away.

“Powerful, Fun, Life Changing, Practical, Rejuvenating.
Highly acclaimed by customers in over 30 countries.
See 94 reviews of Steve Boyley’s training