Thought Designer Personal Change Masterclass + Bonuses

72 videos, total 6 hours, 6 lessons covering 65 topics. (includes sample videos)

How to get control of your thoughts, experiences, goals and future. Plus extra bonus tools to make it even easier!

Overview: Why does this matter?

These are the cognitive and behavioural tools for personal change that a well trained “business consultant”, “therapist”, “hypnotherapist”, “NLP coach” or “life coach”, will use with their clients.

  • Determine what you really want
  • Get control of your thoughts and actions
  • Move past your limitations
  • Plan your future
  • Use a system of daily action that makes it happen!

Many people have difficulty with some aspect of their personal or professional lives due to fragmented knowledge of how to manage their thoughts, goals and time. Thought Designers use multi-context solutions to support the drive for sustainable growth, achievement and happiness.

Extra bonus tools included with the Thought Designer Masterclass provide:

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  • Further insight into the thinking process.
  • Strategies to create confidence.
  • Step by step plan tor creating change.
  • Powerful review tools.
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This Training will equip you with the knowledge, competencies and behavioural skills required to support the future you want and contribute significantly to creating an enjoyable state of mind at all times.

Objective: How can I use this?

Lesson #1

Creating Change For A Change.

Everybody has goals. Creating change for a change, is the process of making them happen. How to think, what to do and the tools to do it with. Use thought processes that design and achieve goals. In this class you will begin applying what you learn to your current goals.
10 Videos cover everything you need to do.

Creating Change For a Change + State of Mind + Success + Words That Affect Goals + Create Goals + Mental Overload + Criteria + New Behaviour + Program Your Mind + Action Plan for Creating Change.

Expand Thinking – Find Solutions

Expand thinking to include more reality. Expanding people’s thinking leads to more options and better choices. The answers people don’t have, are outside of their current thinking. Excellence comes from many choices and wisdom from considering many perspectives. We all know thinking outside the box finds solutions. Now you get to learn how to do it!
4 Videos teach you how.

Expand Your Thinking + Categories Of Thinking + Perspectives + Debriefing & Review.

Lesson #2

Mind Control Is Easier Than You Think (Bonus)

Mind control is happening to all of us. Others seek to control our minds and we seek greater control over our own minds. The more control you have over your mind, the less control others have over you. Learn to effectively manage your thoughts, beliefs, focus and action. Understand and use thought processes that affect your state of mind.
13 Videos teach you how to do this. + EXTRA BONUS Video to help you develop unstoppable confidence.

Mind Control + Perception is MAP + Repetition + Pattern Interrupts + Mind Control Process + Visual Channel + Audio Channel + Sensation, Smell and Taste + Internal Communication + External Communication + Time Machine + Accessing States of Mind + Confidence + Action Plan for Mind Control.

Lesson #3

Changing Thoughts

Thoughts have a huge impact. People say “It’s the thought that counts.”, and they are right! Now take that one step further, and the qualities of that thought are the difference that makes a difference. Move past thoughts that are limiting you or holding you back. i.e. Anxiety, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and “negative” past experiences.
14 Videos lead your thinking about thinking.

Changing Thoughts + Thought Locations + Media Mimics Thoughts + Analog, Digital and Time Qualities + Point of View + Change Thought Impact + Thought Details + Change Limiting Beliefs + Change Phobic Response + Targeting Your Goal + Change A Feeling + Problem Solution Time + Imprinting + Action Plan for Changing Thoughts.

Lesson #4

Conditioning Responses

Conditioning responses makes it easy to repeat the response. Conditioning is easily recognized when it’s being used to condition an animal. It’s not as obvious when conditioning is being used on people, because it can work so fast!
10 Videos cover everything you need to know.

Conditioning + Conditioned Responses + Existing Conditioning + Deliberate Conditioning + Overt, Covert and Subliminal Conditioning + Stacking Conditioned Behaviour + Chaining Conditioned Behaviour + Cancel Previous Conditioning + Metaphoric Controls + Action Plan for Conditioning.

Lesson #5

Time For Time

Time to go over time. Past is left behind time to do what’s right in future. Get a physical experience of mind time and use it to access your resourcefulness, heal your past and design an exquisite future.
7 Videos and all the time you need.

Time + Experiencing Time + Associated and Disassociated Time + Healing Past + Past Time + Future Time + Action Plan for Time.

Lesson #6

Goal Tracker System (Bonus)

Understand the change process and how to use it. A practical step by step plan for change, that records, organises and tracks what you must do and when you must do it. Learn how to find the time you need to achieve your goals. Determine the skills and resources required to achieve your goals. Learn how to apply each step to your goals. Use simple and reliable task management to get things done!
12 Videos are your guide to achieving goals.

Goal Tracker + The Change Process + Know Where You Are + Prioritising + Plan The Work + Reverse Engineer Plan + Decide Your Path + Work The Plan + Repeating Tasks + Goal Reviews + Free Tools + Action Plan for Tracking Goals.

Most efficient, effective and valuable learning experience.

Review of online Thought Designer Masterclass + Bonuses. “Of course, leave it to Steve to create the most efficient, effective and valuable learning experience you’ll find on the internet today.  His one-of-a-kind teaching style and cutting-edge application of techniques (that … Continue reading


Trainer: Who is Steve Boyley, JAFS.?

Steve Boyley is an expert on personal development. He is an internationally acclaimed executive trainer and coach for advanced communication skills, leadership, management, sales, persuasion and personal change.

Customers from more than 30 countries love Steve’s training.

See 94 reviews of Steve Boyley’s training.

Designed for: Will my family, friends and coworkers also like this?

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  • This course is appropriate for everyone and can be used for personal and business situations.
  • This course has NO SWEARING and is suitable for all audiences.
  • This course will be of special interest to people with a desire to understand how people’s minds work and how to use that for practical achievement and self-mastery.

Training Methodology: What will I have to do?

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Why wait? You can take this online training in your location and get these skills sooner rather than later! 2 hours training each week, with new awareness and skills in-between, and in a few weeks you will be confidently using your new skills!

  • It’s online! Learn and review when it’s a good time for you!
  • 72 videos, total 6 hours, 6 lessons covering 65 topics.
    • Presented in 6 lessons.
    • 30 to 60 min. tasks at the end of each lesson help you activate what you have learned.
    • Overall time is 9 to 12 hours including videos and tasks. One and a half to two hours per lesson.
    • We recommend you take a few days between lessons to learn, review and use what you learned.
  • Lesson topic videos play automatically, from topic to topic the first time.
    • Pause, rewind or replay any topic videos you’ve watched.
  • Easy to stop and continue later (like Netflix).
    • Course resume button on your Dashboard.
    • Overall course progress and tasks you’ve completed.
    • You know exactly where you were and where to continue.
  • BONUS – Change Process Notes to print or view on your device.
    • NO NOTE TAKING REQUIRED, we provide the notes for you.
    • Available for download at the end of each lesson.
    • Quick review at your fingertips.
  • BONUS: Thought Designer Manifesto images
    • For mobile and desktop devices.
    • Keep the attitude reminder in front of your mind everyday!
  • Certificate Of Achievement
    • Awarded on completion.
  • Review all Masterclass videos as many times as you like for 1 year!

Cost: How much is this course?

Video meetings with Steve to learn all this, would cost $ 2,950. But you get all this value, for less than the cost of 1 hour with Steve.

72 videos, total 6 hours, 6 lessons covering 65 topics.
BONUSES INCLUDED: Mind Control and Goal Tracker courses, System to Build Confidence and Stop Anxiety, Change Process Review Notes, Manifesto images.

How much has not knowing how to use these skills, cost you? One decision, can alter your destiny.
Take action now, Sale ends soon.

Price: USD $540
SALE: USD $ 295 for 1 year access.

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