What’s different about these nested loops

NLP Trainers use Nested Loops to present information. This creates a package of information that intertwines from beginning to end. It is an efficient method of installing new neuro-pathways when doing live presentations.

Live presentations only allow the trainer and students a specified amount of time, maybe 2 hours for an introduction or 8 days for a full training. Nested loops, that intertwine the information within the time frame, create a complete package. This is useful because students will not have an opportunity to review the presentation.

  • Nested loops are great if you are at the live presentation.
    • This is also great if you get to watch a video of the presentation.
  • NOT good for reviewing the lesson topics contained in the presentation.
    • All the lessons and topics are intertwined. 
    • Quite often the last piece of the first topic is at the very end of the presentation, 8 days later!
    • To review any one topic, you have to go through the entire presentation again.

We created online presentations that only cover one topic at a time! Nested loops are not used across the entire presentation of all the lessons, but are used within each topic video.

  • Lesson topics are presented in specific order and play automatically the first time you watch.
    • Some courses allow you to skip ahead to any topic you want.
  • You can review any lesson topic you have already watched, without watching the entire presentation again!
    • Each topic is a complete package that is easy to locate and review.