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    A Video Message From Dr Richard Bandler To All NLP Students

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    Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, explains several key points in NLP.

    Free series of 8 video messages about NLP from Dr. Richard Bandler, presented using our online course system.

    8 videos, total 18 minutes.

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    The NLP Communication Skills Blueprint

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    Learn some powerful Advanced Communication Skills, really fast! 10 minute versions of the 3 hour classes. Tap into your mind and the minds of others, take your mind on an experience of discovery.

    13 Advanced Communication Skills.

    Lessons: 14. Duration: 2 hrs.

    Overview: The skill set everybody needs, to get ahead. “Just what works.” Learn 13 powerful Advanced Communication Skills, fast! Tap into the power of your mind and the minds of others. … Continue reading 

  • Thinking Skills for Transformational Change, Thought Designer Masterclass + Bonuses.

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    How to get control of thoughts, experiences, goals and future. Plus extra bonus tools to make it even easier!

    Thinking Skills for Transformational Change teaches you how to define, create, build and change thinking to systematically achieve goals.

    Lessons: 6. Topics: 70. Duration 6 h.

    How to get control of thoughts, experiences, goals and future. Plus extra bonus tools to make it even easier! These are the cognitive and behavioural tools for personal change that a well trained “business consultant”, “therapist”, “hypnotherapist”, “NLP coach” or “life coach”, will use with their clients.. … Continue reading 

  • Mind Control Is Easier Than You Think

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    How To Get Control Of Your Mind.

    Lessons: 1. Topics: 13. Duration: 1 h 20 min

    Overview: We all have a brain, yet few people are taught even the basics about how it forms our thoughts and … Continue reading 

  • Track Your Goals Through The Change Process

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    How To Use The Change Process To Track And Achieve Your Goals. 

    Understand the change process and how to use it.

    Lessons: 1. Topics: 12. Duration: 35 min

    Overview: The Goal Tracker Training will equip you with the knowledge, skills and behavioural competencies required to systematically achieve goals and contribute significantly to your success. … Continue reading